An MRI done on Kobe Bryant’s right rotator cuff has revealed a full tear of the rotator cuff. No timetable has been determined, but because of the Lakers dismal record it is very possible that we have seen the last of the “Black Mamba” this season.

He was forced to leave the Lakers game against the New Orleans Pelicans last night and after waking up with the same soreness, team officials urged him to undergo an MRI. There is no word on whether Bryant will undergo surgery or try to rehabilitate the injury.

 Surgery for rotator cuff injury isn’t very common but is plausible if the injury does not respond to all other treatment. The surgery often involves removing loose fragments that may be irritating or shaving the bone to generate more room for the tendon and limit the pain.

Post-surgery, it is important to get into physical therapy right away. Here is what to expect:

  • The day after surgery, the patient may perform passive exercises that move the arm. That can be done 2-3 times a day
  • Active exercise and stretches, with the assistance of a physical therapist, may start 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.
  • Strengthening exercises, starting with light and progressing to heavier weights, can start a 3-4 months after surgery.

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