The Portland Trail Blazers will have to go forward without one of the best front-court players in the league. 3 time all-star LaMarcus Aldridge is scheduled to undergo surgery after tearing the radial collateral ligament in his left thumb.

The time table set for Aldridge’s return is 6-8 weeks. He originally thought of playing through the injury, but for a basketball player this is not something to heal on its own. He and the team doctors agreed to get the surgery done now, so that he is completely healthy for the stretch run and playoffs.

An injury to the radial collateral ligament is also nicknamed “skier’s thumb” due to the frequency of skier’s thumbs becoming caught against the ski pole. In case of a complete tear of the ligament, confirmed by a hand surgeon, patients need to undergo surgery repair this ligament.

Most of the time the repair is done through a small incision over the torn ligament, using special bone suture anchors to secure the ligament into its normal anatomical position. Following surgery, the thumb has to be immobilized in a cast or a splint for six weeks to allow healing, which will be the case for Aldridge.

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